“Health and Wellness in the Future” You can have medical treatment with some of the best doctors...

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Health Insurance
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Isn’t it better when someone is familiar with the specifics of your business and can speak the same language as you? Certa is specialised in insurance-related assistance regarding the hotel industry and lodging...



These range of plans cover a variety of areas which can be put together according to your individual business needs. This ranges from individual to customized policies up to modern all risk solutions...



In a changing world, where people and their needs are becoming ever more flexible, we are the right partner for you!

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“People are now living more globally and therefore they expect that their partners and employers will meet these global needs.”

Globalization has not only inspired international businesses and cooperations to think transnationally also individuals are broadening their horizons across borders.

Our Services for You:
  • Risk analysis
    Identification and assessment of your risks taking all relevant conditions into account.
  • Coverage concepts / Coverage
    In order to develop an optimal protection plan , costs and benefits are the main focus!
    Pre-contractual coverage makes it possible for negotiations as well as having time to compare other offers.
  • Offers / Allocations
    Offers for insurance benefits based on risk analysis and coverage concepts. Negotiation of optimal contract conditions as well as verifying incoming policies.
  • Contract management
    Constant support and monitoring of insurance policies as well as modifications due to risks.
  • Preventative risk management
    Support in regard to minimizing or avoiding possible risks.
  • Claims processing
    Fast and professional help in the event of a claim!
    This ranges from the point of filing the report up to negotiating your claim - we are there for you!