Apart from our Austrian employers and private clients, we at Certa are proud of the fact that we advise customers in all insurance matters from more than 12 different countries.

Our clientele comprises employers, public officials, international investors and also private clients, who for various reasons are setting up businesses here in Austria. We are the ideal partner for these target groups. Our central thinking focuses on solutions regarding all insurance matters, not only in Austria.

Certa Insurance Agency and the philosophy we represent:

We deliver solutions!

Certa focuses on competent and up-to-date support in all issues related to insurance – without insuring more than is necessary, without paying more than is necessary. You are in good hands with us! Being that we are an independent insurance agency, we are not obligated to any specific insurance companies and therefore we are able to advise objectively.

We analyze your needs and look for the products which are best suited for you – all of this free from conflicts of interest. An offer will be submitted only after we’ve tested and compared products. Our outstanding quality is characterized by our customer orientation and professionalism as well as our ongoing support.

The client chooses the language whether it be German, English, Russian, Arabic, etc. Even in the age of email and internet, it is still of great importance to us to meet our potential clients. That is why we see it as our obligation to meet face-to-face at the first consultation. Only then are we able to fulfill our philosophy and our highly-qualified support.

Better safe than sorry! Please contact us.Even if something has happened,we will be there for you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us even outside our business hours.

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We are proud of this!
  • target-group-orientated consulting
  • solutions to all your insurance matters
  • customer service in several languages
“We want to ensure our clients a highly qualified lasting assistance - according to the motto: “The advice of a qualified and independent agent is the best protection an insurance holder can have.”
Sir Leon Brittan, former vice-president of the EU Commission