Hotel insurance

Hotel insurance

The importance of industry knowledge: Tailored insurance solutions for the hotel industry

When it comes to insurance, isn’t it hard to put a price on being able to work with someone who understands the ins and outs of your industry and speaks your language? At Certa, we specialize in providing comprehensive support to companies in the hotel and accommodation industry. Our expertise covers a wide range of well-known businesses at the pinnacle of Austria’s hotel industry. This specialization enables us to understand individual requirement profiles in all their complexity and to use this understanding to develop tailored coverage concepts that address the specific risks of our customers.

Unique solutions for individual requirements

Focusing on the hotel industry has enabled us to become deeply familiar with the challenges and requirements of your sector. We understand the specific risks you face, whether it’s in the area of business interruption, liability or other important aspects. This knowledge enables us to design cover that is tailored precisely to your needs while taking into account the specific complexity of your industry.

Strong partnerships for first-class solutions

Our close cooperation with the Austrian Hotelier Association (ÖHV) and framework agreements with reputable insurance companies here in Austria allow us to offer each individual hotel the most modern, comprehensive provision. These partnerships give us the opportunity to guarantee you state-of-the-art insurance cover that takes into account the specific requirements and risks of your industry.

Our commitment is not only to provide you with first-class insurance solutions, but also to stand by your side as a trusted advisor. Working with Certa means you benefit from our well-founded industry knowledge and dedication to your success.