Accident insurance

Accident insurance

Your safety is our top priority. Statutory accident insurance in Austria covers accidents at work and those that happen on your direct route between work and home. But what about accidents that happen in your leisure time or away from your direct route to work? The financial consequences of accidents that happen in your leisure time have to be privately insured. Our accident insurance closes this gap, offering you comprehensive protection that goes beyond statutory cover.

Comprehensive cover 24/7

Our private accident insurance goes far beyond the benefits of statutory health insurance. While statutory health insurance covers medical treatment costs, our accident insurance covers additional costs such as recovery and repatriation costs, loss of earnings, necessary conversion costs and pension benefits in the event of permanent disability. We understand that accidents can have a wide range of consequences, and our insurance cover is designed to provide you with the financial support you need in any situation.

Customized solutions for individual cover

Each of us has different needs and circumstances. That’s why our accident insurance is designed to adapt flexibly to them. Our seasoned insurance experts are on hand to work with you to design the best possible insurance cover. We’ll analyze your personal requirements, take your particular situation into account and develop a custom insurance solution tailored precisely to your needs.

Safety in every situation

Your safety is important to us regardless of whether you are on your way to work, enjoying your leisure time or pursuing your hobbies. We know that accidents are unpredictable, but with our accident insurance you can be sure that you have the best cover possible. You can rely on our wealth of experience in the insurance industry to provide you with the protection you need and the peace of mind you deserve.